Fall 2011 Grade Watch

Those who filled out course evaluations will get access to posted grades on December 23rd.  Those who didn’t fill out their course evaluations don’t get direct access until January 17th- but of course, your semester GPA is updated whenever one of your grades is posted.  If you’re in the latter category, you can piece together what grade you received for each class if the class had a unique (for you) number of credit hours, or if you follow religiously which grades have been posted when.  Currently, I know of no grades that have been posted.  Please comment to this story when any of your fall classes have posted grades!

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89 Responses to “Fall 2011 Grade Watch”

  1. Just a heads up: Unless they’ve changed it from last year, 1Ls won’t get their grades until around the Jan 19 date, even if they did complete their evaluations. I know I did all my evaluations last year and still didn’t get any grades until around that date.

  2. Albert’s ConlawII is up. He is a machine.

  3. wow?! really?!
    really envy you guys!

  4. I believe Libel Litigation and Civil Motions Practice are also in

  5. McEvoy’s Trial Practice is up.

  6. Chernoff’s Trial Practice is up, too.

  7. nothing at all so far today?

    • Um it’s New Years. Who do you think is at school loading the grades into the system? I don’t think they just flip a switch and they all show up.

      • I misread the post, I thought it meant grades were due in from professors by then. But thank you for your insight on this magic switch that doesn’t exist.

  8. Aren't Lawyers Supposed to be Workaholics? Reply Jan 03, 2011 at 11:26 am

    Here’s what I don’t get: my first exam was on the 10th. There are about 35 people in that class. There have been 13 business days since that date. To have all of your grades in for that class, you’d have to grade about 3 exams a day–is that a completely unreasonable amount of grading to expect? How long does it take to grade each exam? (This is not me being snarky–but is an actual question).

    I don’t expect to receive my grade for my hundred-person class for another week or so, but feel like smaller classes should be able to get their grades in a timely fashion.

    • lawyers become academics so they don’t have to work so hard. also academic servs has to input the grades. patience is a virtue.

    • Dude, chill out. Maybe professors want to enjoy the holidays like the rest of us.

    • Dear Everyone,

      We go through this every damned year. Please stop checking Portal every day all day for your grades and relax. Stop blaming professors. Many of them have turned in your grades. But as mentioned here, there is no magic switch to load them. There are actual human beings in an office who do that. Who may very well not be lawyers. And may not think your grades are more important than the holidays. Today is the first day grades were even supposed to be available and it is also the first day any of those people loading those grades are probably back in the office. Since there are about 750 people to enter grades for for what, three to five classes per student, you cannot possibly expect them to be loaded.

      Also, most grades are not even due yet to academic services.

      Chill out. You aren’t going to get all of your grades anytime soon.

  9. Love the shades.

  10. Ed Law w/ Pullin is up.

  11. Admiralty is up. Who took the bullet?

  12. T&E is up.

  13. advanced legal research is up

  14. Prosecutorial Ethics is up

  15. Philadelphia Convention is up.

  16. First Amendment is up.

  17. Advance Legal Writing w/ Juel is up.

  18. Telecommunications Law is up

  19. Con Law II w/ Kalscheur is up.

  20. International Civil Litigation is up.

  21. PR with Tremblay is up

  22. Mediation w/ Gray is up.

  23. Advanced Legal Writing: Transactional Practice is up.

  24. Tax II is up

  25. Evidence with McEvoy is up.

  26. Land use planning

  27. One class got loaded today? One? I find it hard to believe that academic services is still waiting for all the other professors to finish grading.

  28. Anyone know when grades are due?

  29. RE Finance with Levine is up

  30. Secured with IMH is up

  31. when are grades due?

  32. tax w/ ring is up.

    worst exam ever.

    • Tax w/ Ring was the easiest final I’ve had in law school. But I took it last year so maybe she made it harder for you guys.

  33. white collar with dowden is up

  34. Evidence with Hashimoto is up.

  35. IP survey with liu is up

  36. Fed Courts (gulp) is up.

  37. how can you tell if he is harsh? these classes are generally graded on a curve anyway.

    • Yes but professors have the ability to grade low on the curve and make the mean a B pretty much for the class rather than a B+ where most of them land.

  38. So should 1Ls be getting their grades tomorrow?

    • Apparently not so much. Sigh.

      • If I recall, the designation of when we get our grades if we didn’t do evals is in no way related to when you guys get yours. I feel like I got mine 1L year around the 22nd?

  39. Environmental Law with Plater is up

  40. Health Law with Noble is up.

  41. greenfield corps up

  42. Prosecution clinic grades are up…interesting we get separate and potentially different grades for the two components of the clinic. I didn’t think that was possible.

  43. Estate and Gift is up.

  44. i did not do the course evaluations. but is barrozo’s criminal procedure up ?

  45. Liu’s property (for 1Ls) is posted.

  46. is perju’s eu law up?

  47. Any Sec.1 1Ls rly. surprised with their Torts grade (Yen)?

    • Of course they are surprised: surprised for good, surprised for bad, it’s your first law school exam grade. There’s a curve, so it’s not a grand scale surprise. Don’t be that person who uses “surprised” as a covert way to brag about a high grade. And while I’m at it, for all you 1L’s thinking about it, don’t put your grades in a Facebook status update. Just don’t. You will forever be remembered not for the grade, but for an act so shameless.

    • *Very* surprised. In the negative…

    • Yes, all the 1Ls who did poorly are probably surprised. All those who did well are probably not surprised.

      Welcome to law school. And the curve.

    • Thought I had failed when I walked out of the exam room. Got an average grade, which I am absolutely fine with. Are all LS exams this unpredictable?

  48. Criminal Procedure with Barrozo is up.

  49. philosophy of law with barrozo is up