Zygmunt Plater

Professor Plater is well-known enthusiast for the environment, and has argued a case before the Supreme Court on the issue. His course on first-year Property law is widely regarded as one of the most entertaining classes at BC Law. A graduate of Princeton and Yale Law School, Prof. Plater has taught at universities across the country.

Prof. Plater has also played a role in one of the most famous environmental cases of the last century, representing the plaintiffs in the case Anderson v. W.R. Grace, the subject of the book and movie A Civil Action.

As Professor Plater says, one of the best things about Property is that it covers “a little bit of everything.” The professor himself is your classic brilliant eccentric, often darting quickly from one matter to another and frequently well ahead of the entire class, if not himself. “Swoopers” and “answer men” beware—his refusal to always teach the answer is a symptom of his wish that you approach his essays from all angles, raising every possible issue and going through every permutation before you finally run out of gas and throw in a conclusion. As far as those multiple choice questions go…well…I can’t help you there.

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