Scott FitzGibbon

Professor Scott FitzGibbon teaches Contracts, as well as Jurisprudence, Corporations, and Securities Regulations. FitzGibbon’s Contracts students can expect to receive a broad explanation of the area of law, beginning with the background of Justinian’s Institutes and an explanation of the difference between law and equity. Closely case-based, students will hash out the details of many “old chestnuts of contract law,” often comparing them to sections of the Uniform Commercial Code.

Although the best way to prepare for a FitzGibbon Contracts class is certainly to tackle each case as a whole, students would do well to distill each into one or two basic concepts when comparing them to other cases or preparing for exams. A very comprehensive course packet supplements a casebook, but students should not ignore FitzGibbon’s entreaties to read corresponding sections of the UCC. The Professor’s classes are likely to be taught almost exclusively through the Socratic method. Students can expect to be questioned about the Professor’s hypotheticals, and even occasionally implored to “put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

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